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our fabric

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All of the fabrics we use are hand-selected by us with the environment and quality at the forefront of our minds. We use a recycled polyester satin for our scrunchies and headbands – this particular fabric uses PET as the raw material which is recycled from clear plastic bottles. Recycling it to create this fabric prevents those plastic bottles from entering landfill. Although our satin is made from old plastic bottles, this absolutely has not stopped it from feeling wonderfully silky soft and being super gentle on hair.


Tencel is used for some scrunchies, this a fibre produced from wood, a renewable raw material and certified Tencel fibres are manufactured using an environmentally responsible production process. The fibres are certified as compostable and biodegradable so can fully revert back to nature. Naturally, Tencel fabrics are soft, lightweight and wrinkle resistant. Our drawstring dust bags and face coverings are made from GOTS certified eco cotton. If a fabric is GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) certified it means it has ethically sourced and monitored closely during the production process, making it a more thoughtful fabric option. 

We recently introduced silk crepe de chine into the range of fabrics we use. We use this fabric for our silk hair ribbons to add a real touch of luxury to these special pieces. Although silk is not traditionally the most sustainable of fabrics due to the large amount of energy it takes to be produced, the fabric is a 100% natural fibre which means once the piece comes to the end of its life it will biodegrade. We believe one of the most important aspects of design is to look beyond the use life of the piece to make sure it leaves as little behind as possible. A lot of silk farms now also have a zero waste process whereby many of the byproducts of the silk farming process are re-integrated into the local ecosystem.


All of our fabric is digitally printed in Worcestershire, UK – this is just down the road from Helen! Digital printing is one of the most sustainable options when it comes to printing fabrics, it creates the least amount of waste and virtually eliminates the usage of water in the printing process in comparison to more traditional methods of fabric printing such as using rotary screen printing.


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The fast fashion and textile industry is one of the biggest polluters to the environment. By buying from a small business rather than a fast fashion brand you are automatically cutting impact on the environment by creating less need for mass production by fast fashion retailers.


We hand make and design all of our pieces ourselves – your item will have been made by either Ellie, Helen or Jess. We are always conscious to produce as little waste as possible, from the way we order our fabrics to using any offcuts or remnants to produce as equally beautiful items as our core collections. We love saving offcuts of satin to naturally dye to make super special scrunchies.


We order our fabric and make our accessories in small batches, ensuring each piece of fabric is used to its full potential and meaning we rarely have left over or dead stock.

less plastic

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As everyone knows, we all need to make a conscious effort to cut down our plastic usage; particularly those which are single use. We’ve picked out all of our postage materials and packaging to be easily recyclable or reusable. All of our swing tags and business cards have been printed onto FSC certified card using soy based inks.


Any bubble wrap you see in our parcels has been saved from post we’ve received ourselves eliminating its usual single use nature and is only ever used when absolutely necessary with fragile items.

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