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Hello and Welcome!

We’re new around here! As you can probably tell by the title of this post we’d like to introduce ourselves and what we do…

We are Helen, Grace, Jess and Ellie and during our final year of University whilst sat in the living room of our (pretty gross and freezing cold) student house, we had an idea!

As four textile design students who are conscious and aware of the environment including our impact on it – particularly the impact of fast fashion and consumer industries, we decided we didn’t want to buy products from brands that mass produce items and send unsold garments to landfill; having a huge negative impact on our beautiful world.

The average consumer bought 60% more clothes in the year 2014 than in the year 2000 but kept each item for half as long; we want to stop this cycle but we need your help!

We thought that by creating a brand that produces and designs stylish accessories in a host of timeless prints and patterns using materials that have a reduced impact on the environment, such as upcycled fabrics and sustainable alternatives; we could contribute to a change in the way consumers buy new things. We want to encourage consumers to really think and challenge what they buy and where they buy things from and hopefully inspire more and more people to put the environment and the sustainability of the way they buy things over convenience.

Our plan was simple enough to begin with but when we looked further into the logistics of things it turns out it’s not all that easy to start your own business – particularly when your business partners live all over the place and you’re all broke graduates feeling the sting of post-uni life.

Alas … we managed to bag ourselves a studio space so that *hopefully* we can make screen printing a regular thing and poss run some workshops in the future (watch this space).

Keep your eyes peeled for our crowdfunding page coming soon so that we can kit it out with all the goodies to keep making some lovely stuff for you guys! (pssssst … you’ll be able to win stuff if you donate…you heard it here first!)

So we thought we’d start by re-using all of our printed fabric samples that we worked on throughout our final year at uni – so instead of gathering dust and maybe never seeing the light of day again, they have all become a product, which *hopefully* you lovely people would LOVE to own.

And of course, this reiterates the whole concept of what we’re trying to achieve by recycling and re-using all of our old work – nothing will go to waste if we have anything to do with it!

So without any further ado we present WE MADE THIS STUDIO, a sustainable and ethical fashion and homeware accessories brand.

We’re pretty small at the min but we’re dreaming big people! Please do let your friends know about us, have a browse on our Etsy shop, let us know what kind of products you’d like to see and please please share the heck out of our website and social media pages so that we can reach as many people as possible!

And of course if you don’t want to buy anything then you don’t have to - we just want to inspire people to think differently, be less wasteful and act upon change for the good of the environment, however small those changes may be.

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